Low Back Pain and Extra Weight Affects Daily Life

“Today, I am noticing considerable improvement in my overall movement…less stiffness, better sleep, and more energy & vitality. Got on treadmill early this AM. AMAZED at my stamina and lack of pain. Thanks to Dr. J! Dr. J is tops!


Debilitating Headaches after a Horrible Car Accident

“I was in a horrible car accident several years ago and was ejected through the windshield. I suffered years of back and neck pain with debilitating headaches. My medical doctor treated me with pain medication. I was told surgery was the only other option, to which I was very apprehensive. I was spending all my days either suffering with immense pain, or completely doped up on pain killers including Percocet, Vicodon, and Amitryptiline. I was popping ibuprofen like candy and taking Imitrex once or twice each week on average.

I was desperate for relief and wanted to explore other options. Against the advise of my medical doctor who said I should never have chiropractic treatment because he said it would put me back to day one, I began chiropractic care approximately 18 months ago. Within the first few treatments, I began to notice a significant difference in my pain level. Within the first 3 months, the pain disappeared and I enjoyed a full night’s sleep.

Dr. Joepeck has completely changed my life. I am now pain free, and have not had the use for my pain medications since I began chiropractic care. I choose to receive regular chiropractic adjustments to maintain my wellness.”


Chronic Shoulder and Arm Pain

“My first visit with Dr. Joepeck was May 15, 2008.

Prior to my introduction to Dr. Joepeck I could hardly use a curling iron, I experienced such pain in my right shoulder! My massage therapist suggested Dr. Joepeck and his chiropractic services. I had tried EVERYTHING for over two years with little or no success so I wasn’t too excited. Today is July 28, 2008 and my visit with Dr. Joepeck was to discuss my evaluation since I began treatment. When I began treatment my evaluation put me in the 73% category(for NeuroSpinal Function)…TODAY I am in the 80-85% range!

What does that mean in layman’s terms?

This past weekend I could not only use a curling iron….I helped my husband paint a shed! Friday night I was so tired and I thought “I sure hope I can help tomorrow.” My recovery time was 100% faster than in the past and I was right out there again on Saturday! You might think this is no big deal….but I am 65 and nine years older than my husband…and I kept up with him!! Thanks to Dr. Joepeck I feel great and I look forward to biking, walking, and HAVING FUN!”


Knee Pain and High Blood Pressure

“In September of 2007 I started seeing Dr. Martin Joepeck for a knee injury I incurred earlier in the year. Before I started seeing him I had sought other medical treatment. However, there was no relief from the pain that I was in. After I started receiving treatment from Dr. Joepeck, within weeks there was remarkable improvement to my knee injury. The excruciating pain that I was in gradually went away.

My quality of life has improved tremendously due to Dr. Joepeck’s skills and treatment. Because of advice that he has given me regarding my nutrition and diet, supplements, and exercise, my blood pressure has improved enough for me to eliminate one of my prescriptions.

I cannot say enough about the exceptional treatment that I received from Dr. Joepeck. He is a physician who listens and makes patients feel as if we have a second supportive family. He exhibits the highest professionalism, along with generous doses of human warmth. I feel he is a very knowledgeable and intelligent physician who is very dedicated to his patients. I highly recommend him to anyone.”


Foot Injury and an Ear Ache that Affected Hearing

“I trust Ultimate Life Chiropractic Care because it is non-invasive, painless, and no drugs are involved.

I fractured my foot in October, 2006. Since then, I had problems with my foot swelling everyday, even with no activity. Dr. Joepeck adjusted my foot twice about two months ago and I have no more swelling. My ear was aching and I could not hear well. Dr. Joepeck adjusted my ear, one time. By the next day, my hearing was normal again. White flakes came out of my ear for the next several weeks and my ear cleared.”


A Fall Down Stairs

“I fell down the steps in my house and hurt my back. Dr. Joepeck adjusted my back twice in one day. The pain in my back was relieved, and completely gone the following day.”


Shooting Pain in the Hip

“Dr. Joepeck adjusted me twice the same day, and the shooting pain in my hip went away.”


Chiropractic Care is for Family Health and Well-Being, and to Decrease the Effects of Aging

“I have been seeing Dr. Joepeck for the past several months and my experience has been nothing but positive.

Before I met Dr. Joepeck I thought minor aches and pains were just a normal part of getting older. However, I am experiencing wonderful results from his treatment and I am now convinced that pain free living is possible.

I also really appreciate the fact that he works so hard to educate his patients about their bodies, nervous systems, and overall health. The monthly newsletter articles are direct and informative, packed with intriguing ideas to consider.

I plan to continue with chiropractic maintenance as a life-long approach to my good health and well-being. My wife and our three children also see Dr. Joepeck and we’re all experiencing what a difference chiropractic care can make.
Thank you, Dr. Joepeck”.


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